Ready to Courageously Answer Your Calling?

WE GOT THIS transforms your limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, fear, burnout, procrastination, and anxiety that comes from being a doer + visionary by connecting you to your power so that you can make progress towards victory.



Shanita brings truth, authenticity, and creativity to her coaching. I felt challenged, as she encouraged me to think differently and consider new ways of thinking in order to see my experiences from varying perspectives and creative outlets.

I trust her deeply.


Shanita holds me and the space that I need to safely explore the issues that have prevented me from finding balance and alignment. Fiercely insightful, her open connection with her intuition has guided me towards perspectives that have helped me to trust my own.


She's a coach who gets it. She lovingly supports you as you tune into your higher self and as soon as you do, you start to experience breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough. And she never leaves your side--she stays right there holding your hands without judgment.

What members are saying...

Check out Nick's testimony about how the WGT community has supported him on his journey and helped him picture what's possible for his road ahead. 


Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You’re on the cusp of makin’ major moves, but the transition steps feel so big and unnerving that you wanna pee your pants. 
  • You always aim for the stars, but end up feelin’ that imposter syndrome creeping in…it never feels like you are smart enough, good enough, or strong enough to make your dreams a reality.
  • You're putting EVERYONE else ahead of you and your needs (hello working mom/wife/dog mom/care taker/entrepreneur/superwoman) 
  • You are so fogged, fried and frazzled, you can’t even see past your never ending to-do list, which inevitably leads to procrastination and overwhelm. 

All of which ultimately lands in paralyzing fear. 

It disrupts your flow so you practice good ol’ creative avoidance and fill your time doing anything BUT facing those fears and makin' progress.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could… 


✔️Reclaim Your Time 

So that you can throw that never ending to-do list out the car window and start putting energy into YOUR true dreams & passions.

✔️Reclaim Your Energy

So that you don’t end up at the procrastination station when it all just feels too hard. If your energy wasn’t spent on everyone else in your life… what life would you live?? 

✔️Start doing YOU again. 

Because my friend, YOU GOT THIS! If you can’t show up for yourself, who can you show up for??

But you just aren’t sure HOW THE HECK to make it happen with the little strength and sanity you got left. 

You aren’t sure if you should give up on your dreams, run away abandoning everyone and everything, or just settle for less than you know you are capable of.

I want you to know that it’s NOT your fault…

Our culture and the media wants us to believe that everyone else has all their ‘ish together and you are off in your corner, the only one internally crying in your hot cocoa.

Not to mention the fact that 2020 has tried it’s hardest to bring you down.  

It's a really turbulent time we're living in, so I want you to know that… 

You DON’T have to go on like this!

Hi, I'm Shanita!

I wasted most of my time + energy in life being a good ol’ fashioned overachiever and pleasin' everyone and their mother.

I grew up thinking that was normal, all the while playing small, but after burnouts, I had enough. I sought a life coach who helped me transform into a warrior unafraid to pursue my dreams. 

Now I have made it my mission to teach folx how to activate courage and say BYE to fear manifesting as imposter syndrome and anxiety.

As a certified coach and integrative healer, I wanna show YOU how to tune in + reconnect to your courage, power, and strength so you know that YOU GOT THIS.


I also want you to know that YOU Doing YOU doesn’t have to be HARD or TIME CONSUMING.

In fact…it’s the LITTLE moments of the day that make the biggest difference.

So let's face it, my friend. You really can't go on like this with...


Important things like focused you-time get put off, not because you don’t want to do them or don’t think they are important, but because you are TIRED TO YOUR BONES. 

✔️People Pleasing 

You’re everyone’s GO-TO saying YES all day til you collapse on your bed. Because God Forbid you say NO and get some REAL freedom to put yourself first?

✔️Perfectionism & Pace

You always do it the best, right?! Delegation…what even is that anyways…you always do it faster and better so why would you hand it off to someone else?!


You mayyyybe are a little Type A and have to have everything all figured out before you actually do the darn thing... 

→ Ultimately, you end up making little to no progress on your OWN hopes + dreams 'cause you GET STUCK. 


I want you to know that this elusive idea of making time for yourself is not actually that hard. 

It ain't rocket science, and it doesn’t have to end in you settling for way less than you desire + deserve.

In fact, I have created a simple 4-phase transformational coaching framework to tackle fear, anxiety, and imposter syndrome BEFORE it feels like a sinking ship so that you can finally

LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS once + for all.

I can hear what you're thinkin'…

“I KNOW all of this, but…”

“I’m already making moves…how much further could I possibly get??”

“All of this sounds great in theory… BUT that doesn’t mean there’s actually time in the day to take action?!”

Many people KNOW this stuff logically already, but get lost in the implementation to transform WITHOUT adding more to your plate.

Key word: WITHOUT.

Imagine if every single month you felt like you GOT this!?!



with Coach Shanita Liu

A membership for you to strengthen your courage muscles to move past fears, transform your life from the inside out, and bask in glorious victory.


You don’t gotta spend 3 weeks in the mountains alone to experience incredible transformation in your life!

Transformation actually happens in the LITTLE moments of time, which is exactly how this membership is set up. 

Every month you’ll get guided support from me, which includes:


Weekly Videos + Prompts to Keep You on Track ($397 Value)

Every week we’ll have group check ins so you are never alone through this process! 

You’ll Learn:

→ How truly transformational a simple 10-minute video can be to give yourself the space to breathe and check in with yourself throughout the day. 

My Promise to You: 

→ You’ll learn how to WIN AGAIN so you can let go of what ain’t workin!


Action + Accountability Tracker ($197 Value)

Ever heard that a tracked number grows? I know, I know it sounds a little cheesy but this isn’t your momma’s spreadsheet.

You’ll Learn:

→ Simple accountability strategies so you can fill the small pockets of time and toss the never ending to-do list. 

My Promise to You: 

→ You’ll learn how simple follow-through can really be so you remember that YOU GOT THIS!


Monthly Courage Coaching ($497 Value)

Need a boost with makin' your next big move? Every month you'll get to submit a question related to your specific concern and I'll respond via a mini courage coaching session that'll equip you with the strategies and techniques to keep your new courageous groove alive.

You’ll Learn:

→ Techniques to build and sustain new habits in your life so that you don’t end up in an anxious bubble.

My Promise to You: 

→ This isn't "one more thing" and that they have an EASY one-stop-shop for fear-busting, confidence-boosting, self-care soothing, and courage-activating experience. 


Safe Space Community (Priceless!)

Community is everything - you were NOT meant to do this thing called life alone. 

You’ll Learn:

→ How integral having a safe space to explore your needs can be. You’ll get the AHAs aka clarity, conviction, and consistency needed to achieve success on your terms.

My Promise to You: 

→ There will be other driven and courageous souls who are also leveraging this support to achieve success. 


I Wanna Make This a NO-BRAINER for You!

On top of these life-changing workshops, you’ll also get these 3 juicy bonuses.

BONUS 1: Self-Care Toolbox ($197 Value)

So you have it when you need it, you’ll have access to my library of binge-worthy audio coachings, #1minreset videos aka 1-minute breathers, self-care tips, and so much more!

BONUS 2: My Secret Stash ($297 Value)

This is exactly what you need to give your mindset a makeover when fear keeps you from being unstoppable! I’ve included some of my crystal and angel card readings just for you

BONUS 3: Courageous Convos ($397 Value)

We'll close out each quarter TOGETHER by recapping our most courageous victories and celebrate our wins with party hats, happy dances, and virtual cake 'cause YOU GOT THIS!

Join WE GOT THIS today for just $47!

It's like having a handy life coach in your pocket!


Your future self is waiting for you to


Since I created this membership with YOU in mind, I want it to be a no-brainer for you at $47 to pause and make time for YOU. 

Weekly Prompts + Videos to Keep You on Track ($397 Value)

Action + Accountability Tracker ($197 Value) 

Monthly Courage Coaching ($497 Value)

Safe Space Community Forum (Priceless!)

BONUS 1: Transformational Self-Care Toolbox ($197 Value)

BONUS 2: My Secret Stash ($297 Value)

BONUS 3: Quarterly Courageous Conversations ($397 Value)


I have held nothing back ‘cause I believe YOU GOT THIS. I believe you got everything it takes to achieve success. I’m determined to help you remove the blocks and reach your goals and using my transformational framework, I’m certain that you’ll see a boost in your energy, courage, productivity, and happiness in the first 6 months of your membership. Ultimately, I want you to be completely satisfied with your monthly membership, which is why you have the ability to cancel anytime you need to.

Total Value: $1,804

TODAY ONLY: $47 per month

(cancel anytime) 


Get a Sneak Peek Before You Enroll



Shanita’s coaching has helped me learn how to process my feelings and needs, and then strategize effective ways in which I can work toward meeting those needs. It also helped to learn of ways that I can articulate to others just how they can practically and tangibly come to my aid.


She helped me re-calibrate. I’m heading into a new phase in my career. It’s exciting, but also scary, so she helped me get to the bottom of some core emotional roadblocks that were holding me back from taking necessary next steps. If you're going through any kind of growth, working with Shanita will really benefit you.


I was starting to feel uninspired, discouraged, and just plain run down. The weight of the pandemic was starting to really drag me down and I was beginning to feel trapped inside my home. After just one conversation with Shanita, I felt reinvigorated and ready to hit the ground running!