Get your 2022 on track to sweet victory!


In this free training you'll learn how to...



your courage to re-energize so that fears, fatigue, and brain fog don't continue to ruin your flow


with what you truly desire so you can put everyone else's wants and needs second and yours first


the stress that gets your best to boost your power sources so that you can make real-time progress


like a warrior--unstoppable and unapologetic about following through on your mission 


This special training is a MUST ATTEND if... 

✔️You’re ready to DEFEAT fear in all its forms, e.g. imposter syndrome, burnout, analysis paralysis, self-doubt, anxiety, procrastination, so that you can be in your flourishing flow—pursuing your BIG dreams!

✔️You wanna spend less time ugly-crying and struggling, and more time LIVING your life how YOU want it—’cause you don’t have to settle for crumbs!

✔️You know deep down that you can do better—your soul doesn’t have to suffer to achieve the sweet success you savor!


Hey! I'm personally inviting you...

You're someone who's committed to excellence in all you do. And yet, as you take care of everyone and everything else, it can feel like A LOT to pour the same energy and time into yourself.

And when you're fatigued or foggy, FEAR in all its forms creeps in so hard that it either slows you down or throws you right off the tracks.  

That's why I created this free training, so that you can learn how to slay your stuck points and obstacles and ultimately fire up courage, confidence, and conviction to follow through on what really fulfills you. 

If you're committed to forging the life you desire and deserve, then I can't wait to show you how to powerfully make progress towards victory, no matter whats's on your plate.

The global pandemic changed everything

A LOT went down, emotions were high, and as an ambitious doer + visionary, you may have felt derailed, disappointed, discouraged because you didn't get what your heart yearned for. 

And now you might be feeling tired + SO OVER IT. 

Losing out on so much time and energy doesn't feel good, but, I also want you to know that you can turn your ship around + truly live out the VICTORIOUS life you hoped for. 

So if you're the type of person who is ready to roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done in order to get to where you wanna be, join me and learn how to set the foundation for what it means to live life on your own terms.



Living your life like an invincible warrior AKA ON YOUR OWN TERMS means that you no longer have to let fear defeat you, but instead, you get to feel fired up to savor all the sweet success your soul signed up for.



Get your 2022 on track to sweet victory!


"Through this powerful series of imaginative, creative, and meditative exercises, Shanita provides busy women with the space and support that they need to acknowledge their fears and break through the walls of their own self-limiting beliefs. This compact training successfully equips fearless females with the tools and everyday strategies they need to take control of their own self-doubt so that they are better able to differentiate the stories that they think to be true of themselves versus their actual truths." ~Kimiko E. 


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