Fear of failing at motherhood. Fear of doing things differently. Fear of feeling unfulfilledforever.

Author Shanita Liu was consumed by these fears. Decades of people-pleasing, perfectionism, and cultural conditioning left her burned out. Desperate, Shanita sought a coach who invited her to tune into her heart.

That’s when Durga, a remarkable warrior goddess, appeared. Durga told Shanita that she wasn’t alone and she could activate her own courage to triumph over fears.

This encounter acted as the catalyst for “Dear Durga,” which became the opening line to hundreds of handwritten diary entries where Shanita communed with the goddess.

As a result of Durga’s support, Shanita went from being a scared mom-to-be to birthing three children, building a business, disrupting ancestral patterns of self-sacrifice, and embracing her authentic self.


Who is this book for?

Whether you’re an expecting mom, an existing mom, or a mom to your community, my story of navigating the trials of parenthood, unemployment, entrepreneurship, and intergenerational traumas, will inspire you to forge your own fulfilling path.

Filled with keep-it-real wit and warmth, I'll walk you through the four phases of my Courage Kit® framework that will help you:

➡️Activate courage—your limitless energy within.
➡️Align with your needs—the ones you neglect.
➡️Alleviate stressors—the ones that deplete you.
➡️Act with conviction towards your dreams—the ones you procrastinate or put off entirely.

🔱BONUS: Durga gives you exclusive access to a toolkit that will help you defeat daily discouragements.

❤️Find Comfort

"Shanita holds a safe space for you to be seen, heard, and feel all the feels that accompany the demands of womanhood + motherhood."

-Dr. Neeta Bhushan, International Best-selling Author + Serial Entrepreneur

💪🏾Get Courageous

"For all who have felt fear consume them, Dear Durga provides tangible tools to overcome the smallest and biggest life challenges."

-Aminta Kilawine-Narine, Esq., Social Justice Activist + Lawyer

🏆Emerge Victorious

"Dear Durga is a must-read for anyone who needs a laugh-cry, a dose of divine energy, and clarity on a way forward."

-Annika Sharma, Author of the Chai Masala Club series, Co-host of the That Desi Spark podcast

Ready for a victorious year?

This is your go-to guidebook to overcoming the obstacles holding you back from tasting sweet victory not only in motherhood, but also in life. 

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I'm an Indo-Guyanese Sagittarian born and raised in Queens, NY. I teach people how to activate their courage and emerge victorious.

As a life coach, TEDx speaker, medium, mystic, and reiki master, my services include coaching, workshops, speaking, sharing shamanic drum medicine, and integrated energy healing.

I'm also an award-winning writer and the creator of Little Box of Courage™, a 44-card deck featuring interactive techniques to become your most courageous self. It's an extension of my 2021 talk "How to Activate Courage," as seen on TED.com.

Fun facts: I was a book presenter on Reading Rainbow. I'm a salsa dancer, veteran spouse, and mother of three warriors.

Photo Credit: Katia Fratticci

Shanita's Courage Rap Song

Straight Outta Chapter One

Coming Soon: Spring 2023

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