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I support employees across different sectors who want to maximize their time, energy, and open up to more productivity and promising possibilities. 


Transformational Workshops

I facilitate one-time or recurring experiential workshops that address your team's needs with regards to activating courage and implementing sustainable self-care strategies in the workplace.

COURAGE CLASS (coming 2023)

A chance to activate your courage and change the world using Little Box of Courage, my 44-card deck to help you become your most courageous and victorious self! Stay tuned!

Conferences + Trainings

I bring innovative and exciting activities to already established events that engage participants and build community in a fun way. Recent events where I led the charge includes Wheaton College's Alumni of Color Conference and Jahajee Sisters' Summit.

"Coach Shanita facilitated a fantastic webinar on preventing burnout for members of our alumni community. Her dynamic presentation skills and ability to connect with people (even via a digital platform) made for a fun and interactive session grounded in practical tips and tools for everyday life. The level of attention to planning, and Shanita's willingness to work with me to develop an individualized session to meet the needs of our participants blew me away. Shanita's commitment to coaching and wellness is very apparent, and I'm looking forward to working with her on future workshops and webinars for our alumni! "

Tom Hernandez
Director of Alumni & Student Engagement, NYU Wagner School of Public Service

"Shanita's phenomenal coaching was critical for supporting our new leaders in the Leadership Empowerment Institute to crystalize their life goals and journeys toward their dreams. Her positivity, wisdom, and abundant intuition were perfect additions to our leadership program, and we are so glad she was able to work with participants via one-on-one coaching. We at Jahajee Sisters know that we can trust Shanita with holding space for survivors of violence in a compassionate way that is trauma-informed and culturally competent. We can't recommend Shanita more highly! "

Shivana Jorawar, Esq.
Co-Director, Jahajee Sisters

Fun in the Sun

Check out a previous summer workshop on the beach where I taught participants how to use the energy of the solstice and the new season to refresh, reset, and realign with their goals. Collaborations: Bruk Out Media + Videographer Richard (@theworldisrich)


Let's work together.


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