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Teaching people across the globe how to be their most courageous selves.


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Events + Keynotes

I bring inspiring stories and out-of-the-box activities to that engage attendees in a powerful way. Recent events where I spoke include The University of Rhode Island's Women of Color Leadership & Mentoring Program and Ellevate's NY Chapter.

Transformational Talks

A few of my signature talks include topics like how to get courageous, beat burnout, activate shakti (energy), heal intergenerational trauma, as well as cultivate mompreneur leadership.

What clients say...


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"I had the joy and privilege of featuring Shanita in my 'Embracing Your Earth Journey' online speaker series in April 2020. I loved the warm, friendly vibes, unique perspective, and realness Shanita brought to our conversation. Drawing on anecdotes from her own personal journey, Shanita shared about her unconventional approach to accessing courage. She offered a paradigm shift that was not only inspiring but also grounded, actionable, and relevant to our audience. Additionally, I appreciated that Shanita was always prompt and responsive in her communications, which made her a breeze to work with throughout the project. I highly recommend Shanita as a speaker and look forward to collaborating with her again!"

Stephanie Elizabeth Briggs
Soul Guide & Intuitive Healer at Heart Blossom

"Shanita effortlessly created a safe space that invited honesty, introspection, and engagement among all of the participants in our group. Her candor, sincerity, and lightheartedness helped break down any walls that may have been up, which is no easy task when working with teens. Given a safe environment where all were welcome and encouraged to be vulnerable, we as participants could begin to “activate our courage” and take the initial steps toward realizing our truth within just 30 minutes of meeting Coach Shanita. She is a knowledgeable, inspirational teacher and guide that I would recommend to anyone. "

Bev P.

Let's work together.


If you want an empowering and experiential speaker to inspire your community/team to take courageous action, please complete this inquiry form and I'll respond in 1-2 business days. You can also send your request to [email protected].

"The theme of our event was ‘Overcoming Trials as Women of Faith.’ Shanita shared her personal story of how she overcame her trials and tribulations through faith which in turn motivated others to share their stories. Shanita is a strong, thoughtful, and compassionate woman – and has a way of connecting with others. When Shanita visited our Mosque she knew exactly how to ease into the crowd by using breathing exercises and icebreakers that got everyone to loosen up both physically and mentally. To have a life coach who can easily relate to women of all ages and backgrounds without missing a beat was exactly what was needed to get the conversation rolling."

Sadia Choudhury
VP at Queens Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmaddiya Muslim Community

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